Beauty is difference in variety

Tomorrowland offers an unbelievable chance: Winning a lifetime-ticket for you and three of your friends when you’re selected as best quote & design on the Tomorrowland bridge 2014.

First of all, I thought about searching for a quote in the internet and then put it on that website. But suddenly I realized, it would be even greater to think about an own quote. After spending few minutes or hours about what festivals mean to me, I found it:

Beauty is difference in variety – united by the passion of living the dance!

Why do I think this quote is true?

  • At festivals people from all over the world are present. Different ethnicities, cultures, countries. Speaking various languages. Dancing different styles, but following the beat. That’s what I mean in the first part.
  • On the other side, nobody is aggressive. Happiness is everywhere. People are dancing and celebrating the event, all are peacefully united. Its magic how music connects!

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