Money matters

Importance of money in today’s modern world

Within today’s developed society it is undoubtedly the case that money gained high importance to a certain circle of people. Having money certainly has its benefits, but are other things not more or equally relevant for a functioning society?

Recent studies show that people who live in the northern hemisphere work hard day by day, living a stressful life. They just work to earn money. This attitude is surely a necessity for prosperity. Few people also believe in money as a driver to motivate people. Goals are set and ambitions pursued to get a year-end bonus. Then there are the people who define themselves by the money they make. They solely need it for their self-confidence.

On the other hand, people living in southern European countries share the wide-spread belief that “what cannot be done today, can be done tomorrow”. Those humans maybe are not that rich, but live a happy life. Additionally, they have time for friends and family and are at home in the evening or when their children celebrate birthday. Moreover, it is widely believed that a glass of red wine can prevent various diseases.

All of this leads me to the conclusion that the wheel of life consists of several factors. Work and career are two of them – but also factors such as relationship and health have to be taken into consideration. It is most important to find the right work-life-balance for oneself, so that you do not pay the price in the end with an early burn-out or death.