30 days of change

After finishing my studies it’s high time to get rid of the acquired unhealthy eating habits. Since I am doing already lot of sports, but the fact that going to the gym results in boredom, I looked for something else. And found it: Thanks to the internet I came across some fabulous and really challenging workouts by Neila Rey.
To check what my body is able to do, I did the 300 workout. The workout was really demanding and afterwards I felt exhausted, but happy as well. The happiness flew away rapidly in the evening when my muscles were sore, and even laughing hurt the next 2 days. However, I was looking for a challenge in July, and found it in the 30 days of change-program. I hope that I will be able to finish it.

Neila Rey writes that “Bodyweight training may look easy, but if you are not used to it, it’s very far from that. It is just as intense as running and it is just as challenging so if you struggle with it at the very beginning, it’s perfectly ok – you will get better at it once you start doing it regularly. Do it at your own pace and take breaks if you need to.”
So I will start on Level 1 and see how far I can go.
I think the easier part for me is to exercise, and the bigger challenge for me is to change my eating habits, since junk food combined with exercises still leads to crappy results. Let’s give it a try.

Today is Day 1, and there are 30 to go!

Keep ya head up.