30 days of change – done

Today was the last day of this program. The balance showed a weight loss of about one and a half kilogram, almost nothing in comparison with the effort I have put in it. But I definitely feel stronger and healthier. Or is this just an illusion?
At least to colleague of mine asked me if I lost weight because my belly is flatter than before. When I responded “just 1.5 kg”, they did not believe it. They thought it would be more. So at least I got that going for me which is nice. 😀
What definitely prevent me from losing weight is food and drinks. I do enough sports…
It is not a good thing to start a diet and then suddenly switch to normal eating habits like you ate before. This behavior usually leads to YoYo effect. Weight goes down – weight goes up – weight goes down again – and so on. What I need is to change my whole eating lifestyle. Throw the Italian eating habits away (or at least a part of it) and replace them with healthier ones like no carbs in the evening. So the next challenge is CHANGE my EATING LIFESTYLE. Go hard or go home. And I have to start now because next week I’m going on holidays to California. ^^