Techno music

Techno is not just music, it’s a lifestyle

Friday to Sunday, 18.07. to 20.07.2014 I attended the “Sea You” Festival at the Tunisee in Freiburg, Germany. The festival is directly located at the Tunisee (a small lake), which makes it perfect to dance to massive beats, to chill with friends and to take a bath in the sun or in the lake. Perfect, nothing else.
The festival is definitely not big if I compare it with Tomorrowland, but there are not just EDM-followers who only like electronic dance music because it’s cool at the moment. Music was hard and deep, no place for “David Guetta” fellas. It showed that although people come from different parts of the world and religions, you enjoy the party together. It doesn’t matter where you come from. Music connects people (and of course some Vodka helps to force that ^^). For most of these people it is a sort of lifestyle – to rave, to express yourself by dancing, to enjoy freedom and to escape from reality. Of course some people tripped out by using several drugs, but as a whole the festival was very peaceful.

After attending Sea You I remembered that I once had created a Techno wallpaper, with thoughts what Techno music means to me.

  Techno Music Wallpaper (431.9 KiB, 1,073 hits)