Windows 10 sucks

Windows 10 sucks

Some weeks before the official version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 was released, my Lenovo Yoga 2 got bluescreen after bluescreen. That’s why I decided to give the new Windows a try. I backuped everything (data and so on, also created a recovery volume on USB stick) and then I hit the “Upgrade”-button.

The upgrade procedure looks very smooth, but that’s the only thing I like about. The design is good, but everything else is just crap. The upgrade process was almost finished, but suddenly an error appeared. The whole system was set back to Win 8.1. But it still was causing blue screens. So I tried to use my recovery volume, and the recovery process crashed. That’s how I lost half the size of my USB stick (just 32 GB instead 64 GB), and the backup for the recovery went “corrupt”. That chance was gone. Later I started the upgrade again after I re-downloaded everything of Windows 10. The second try worked, from now on I was on Windows 10. It all seemed very well in the first week after the upgrade. I checked all programs I had installed on Win 8.1, and every program just worked fine. The system ran for more than 8 hours straight without any problem. After one week has passed, the nightmare began. I got more BSOD than ever:


It is not possible to work on that system anymore. Most of the time I cannot even boot.

Back to Windows 8.1 with the built-in function is not possible due to the system seems somehow locked by myself. I tried it with a factory reset. However, it does not work too. The OKR (One Key Recovery) normally is an easy procedure, but with my “almost dead Windows 10”, everything is impossible. I read the new key of Windows 10 out of the registry and tried to install completeley new. No chance – it does not find my hard drive. A fresh installation of Windows 8.1 also was no option because of the same problem.

Finally I contacted the customer support. The only chance I have to get my system back alive is to bring it in, and they will try their best to return to an “untouched Windows 8.1” as it was when I bought it.

Doing the upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 was the worst decision ever. I lost so much time, and all my nerves. For sure I got some more grey hairs. It seems once again that Microsoft follows the “Banana strategy”: the product matures at the customer. And because the upgrade is free, they have enough Beta-testers. And due to the fact that they went from 8 directly to 10 and skipped 9, they went from a little bad Windows 8 (Windows 8.1 does not seems that bad right?) to an even badder Windows 10.

If you did not get it so far: Windows 10 sucks!