Pokémon Go (Source: pokemongohub.net)

Features which would pimp Pokémon Go

Yes I admit it. Pokémon Go is nice. I play almost every day on the way to work and on the way home. What the game make outstanding is that the “gamer-type” of person is going outside. Pokémon Go makes people walk more and therefore people get fitter. Healthy side-effect. That’s nice, but Pokémon Go lack some awesome features, like:

  • Player-vs-player battles like you know them from the old Pokémon version on the Gameboy. Would be great if you can duel a friend or foreign trainers who are at the same location as you. Reward could be more experience points. So basically battling others can level you up.
  • Best-lists (local from your home town and among your friends). Everybody want to be on top! The way of connecting with others could be improved too.
  • Trading. Flying around the world to catch’em all is expensive, and think about the environmental footprint! Trading would make a great add-on. Then I could get a Kangama without flying to Australia.
  • Badges are great and sometimes very hard to get. Think about 1000 km of walking! For each level (bronze, silver, gold), a reward like a small amount of PokéCoins would be great.
  • Quests. Normal in other games, but I miss them in Pokémon Go. A quest might offer the chance of getting items, e.g. a second infinite incubator to hatch eggs (one is simply not enough!). The harder it is, the more you can earn. Quests could be daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal. Think about a summer challenge, for instance walking a Pokéthon (Pokémon Marathon of 42km).

What other great features should not be missed in Pokémon Go?

Image Source: pokemongohub.net